SONY DSC   Laurent GILLE Champagne welcomes you.


His wife Viviane GILLE provided the translation of the website for you and she will be pleased to assist you, please feel free and get in touch with her at: vivafene@hotmail.com.

There was no indication that someday Laurent Gille would be  a  winemaker. Born in Bouzy , he started to get close to the winegrowing community. His memories  bring him back more precisely to his childhood holidays and the harvest at his grandparents’ André and Céleste, and then to  his uncle Peter a winemaker .

However,  he has started his working life  as a farmer since 1988 in Baconnes.

Thereafter , he has attended a  wine training course in Avize in 1992 for 3 years. Finally , he took over the family vineyards in 1994 and then in 2000 following  his uncle’s retirement.

The wine tourism activity:

It started in 2005 , it was free and reserved for regular customers . With this experience of over 10 years, in July 2016 we are turning a corner towards a more comprehensive and diversified business which is now charged, aimed at  all age groups ;  major young people , couples, families , retired people.

 Our assets:

  • The  tours are on-demand according to your needs.
  • The discovery and flavour tasting  hikes are individual or up to 6 people at most.
  • The CUSTOMER is the KING and this makes us even stronger
  • Our field of action spreads out over 5 departments:la Marne, l’ Aube, l’ Aisne, la Seine et Marne and la Haute Marne.
  • As our ancestors, we have worked daily to preserve this wonderful legacy, this wine touristic and ecotouristic service is the continuity of our business.
  • Viviane, the winegrower’s wife is an interpreter-translator with a professional  background in Public Relations, Diplomacy and ecotourism; she will provide the translation in French, English, German and Spanish. Other languages are possible on reservation.

Our aims:

Your stay must remain with timeless pictures and majestic landscapes in your memory

The smells and flavours of  the Champagne region products must be kept in your memory

This will be to such an extent that you will be fully satisfied and happy to come back and discover other gourmet rambles.



GETAWAY in the Champagne region D.E.A.V (Discovery of the agricultural  and wine growing environment)


Leave yourself to become a farmer, a winegrower, an explorer during your stay in the Champagne region.

Among so many things you will find out the secrets and renown of the famous French paradox.

The heartland of the Champagne production is focused in the Champagne region made of 213 winegrowing villages. There is enough for spending nice moments, visiting the most beautiful geographical sites, experimenting historical moments in the Montagne de Reims, Côte des Blancs and Vallée de la Marne, as well as the surrounding areas in the department.

There are also 4 other departments included in the area holding the label of origin CHAMPAGNE: Aube with 63 villages, l’Aisne with 39 villages, La Seine et Marne, 3 villages and la Haute Marne 2 winegrowing villages.

A special attention should be given to The Ardennes and la Meuse.

Being aware of your search for authenticity, we offer you this wine tourism service which is in fact the continuity of our wine business.

From reception to tasting, several activities are offered on-demand, including gourmet rambles both to please your eyes and taste buds.

  1. Physical activity: pedestrian, bike or quad rambles
  2. Play-based and relaxation activities suitable for families, including tours and walks to discover the wonders of the Champagne region, cellars, museums….
  3. Possible activities at the estate, visit into the flowery village. Commented tour into the ecomuseum, videos, books and articles, games…

The exclusivity of our rambles will allow you to unravel the legendary myth which makes the reputation of the Champagne drink.


Treat yourself to this dream!!!


Staying with you during physical, playful and relaxing activities is  a duty. It includes: the reception, the departure from and the return to the estate, the commented route, one tour and a fresh soft drink per person. On the way back a surprise gift and the tasting of one of the most prestigious wines in Champagne is offered to the adults.

According to what we will set together,  the following information will allow you to know the approximate value (in euros) of the service provided.

  • The accompanying costs 30 euros/hour for one person and 15 euros/for an extra person up to 6  people maximum. (the pedestrian ramble is included in the accompanying cost)
  • The travelling is made with our insured vehicles of 2,5 or 7 seats.
  • The package included in the accompanying goes up to 50 kms, beyond this an extra 5 euros is required  every 20 km.

A. The typical activities: rambles from 1 to 3 hours

See the table of costs below

B. Rambles of 4 hours or more (same rate as above)

with an extra tour and a fresh drink/person, lunch included

C.Full day ramble from 7 to 8 hours

(same as the 4 hour- ramble with included dinner)

D. 2 day-ramble and more (same as the full day ramble)

As from the second day the accomodation, the breakfast and the lunch are included